Vapour Trails, 2nd Edition
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ISBN 9780975207741

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“An exciting and delicate book, subtle and tense… from clipped staccato abbreviations of social moments to more ruminative poems, the cycle induces and seduces the reader in its very particular own world. Once read, never forgotten.”
– Thomas Shapcott

Shortlisted for the Wild & Woolley Independent Publishing Prize, the debut collection from poet and novelist Tim Sinclair captures a young writer experimenting with his craft and developing the strength of his voice.

Tim’s latest novel Run (Penguin, 2013) is a verse novel about a young man whose love of parkour leads him into unexpected and dangerous territory. Written partly using concrete poetry to express the energy and flow of parkour, it clearly has its roots in the rhythmic and formal experimentation found in Vapour Trails.

Take a look at where it all began.